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  About Moon Signs


Vedic Astrology is – first and foremost – a lunar based astrological system. The Moon is indicative of our emotional life, our inner connection to the ‘larger matrix’ and to each other. The Moon Sign of the Zodiac – waxing or waning at the time of birth – provides us with a wealth of information from which to analyze our early childhood experience, our mother, our intuition, our influence in given situations, and our emotional strengths. The Moon is used as an Ascendant sign and, even if the time of birth is unknown, reading a chart from the Moon provides valuable personal insights to help us light our path.

The Moon moves through each sign of the zodiac approximately every 2 ½ days and its position in our birth chart and its daily location helps us gain a better understanding of our own emotional support systems and our own intuitive processes.

It is also important to note that in addition to the 12 signs of the zodiac, the vedic system of astrology, also contains 27 lunar signs, called ‘nakshatras’ that provide their own ancient insights into the individual birth chart. These nakshatra signs are portions of the heavens allocated to the Moon in its daily movements and provide information on the unique energies of each day.

To learn more about your personal Moon sign, please contact Patty for a personal chart analysis.