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"A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in the mathematical harmony with one's individual karma. The horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing one's unalterable past and probable future results. The message boldly blazoned across the heavens at the moment of birth is not meant to emphasize fate, but to arouse our will to action."

- Swami Sri Yukteswar

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Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

The Charles Bridge
Historical Archive in the Heavens.


This brief article is part of a much larger and more technically based body of work currently being developed for publication. I hope most of the ‘astro-babble’ terms have been eliminated or explained so the combined history and astrology of the magnificent Charles Bridge can be easily understood as a bridge between us and our ongoing human endeavor to derive meaning from our connection with the stars, both from this special chart and for every birth chart we examine.

About Patricia Sanders

Patricia Sanders, M.Ed. is a professional astrologer who received her Master's degree in Counselor Education from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

Patricia is a certified Vedic Astrology tutor who teaches personal growth and certification requirements to interested individuals and workshop groups. She is currently in private practice in Dallas, Texas.

She has worked in the area of health, healing and wellness for over fifteen years, is a contributing faculty member for the American College of Vedic Astrology, an online instructor, and has served two terms as a Board Member for the Council of Vedic Astrology.

Patricia has published research and articles on astrology and counseling as well as on behavioral interventions for chronic pain management and immune disorders.


About Moon Signs

Vedic Astrology is – first and foremost – a lunar based astrological system.  The Moon is indicative of our emotional life, our inner connection to the ‘larger matrix’ and to each other.  The Moon Sign of the Zodiac  – waxing or waning at the time of birth – provides us with a wealth of information from which to analyze our early childhood experience, our mother, our intuition, our influence in given situations, and our emotional strengths. The Moon is used as an Ascendant sign and, even if the time of birth is unknown, reading a chart from the Moon provides valuable personal insights to help us light our path.

 The Moon moves through each sign of the zodiac approximately every 2 ½ days and its position in our birth chart and its daily location helps us gain a better understanding of our own emotional support systems and our own intuitive processes.

What is your Moon Sign?

Services Overview
For all things there is a season . . .

One of the many unique features of the Vedic system of astrology is its use of planetary cycles which present periods of time when various planetary influences are "activated".

Relationship Reading

This one hour consultation compares natal horoscopes to gain deeper insight into interpersonal dynamics and compatibility.


Auspicious Date Chart

This is a 30- minute consultation utilized to determine the best time to begin new ventures